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This is the site of TaoTek Consulting, your one source for Web, Mac, networking and technology support in the Atlanta Area.

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ShowLionLibrary.zip   v1.0   23-August-2011

This program makes the "Library" folder visible in Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion).

iSgdShortUrl.zip   v1.1   27-July-2008

This service for Mac's will allow you to shorten URL's using the iS.gd service. This program is FREE.

ShortenUrlWithHurl.zIp   v1.1   27-July-2008

This service for Mac's will allow you to shorten URL's using the Hurl.ws service. This program is FREE.

ShortenUrlWithBitly.zIp   v1.0   15-Oct-2008

This service for Mac's will allow you to shorten URL's using the Bit.ly service. This program is FREE.

ExpandBitlyUrl.zIp   v1.0   15-Oct-2008

This service for Mac's will allow you to expand a Bitly shortened URL to see the original long URL. This program is FREE.

InsertGuid.zIp   v1.1   27-July-2008

This service for Mac's will insert a GUID/UUID at the cursor of whatever your are editing. This program is FREE.

SilenceRT.zip   v1.0   26-July-2008

Now you turn off the audible ring for individual contacts on an iPhone. Just use this iPhone ringtone which is 29 seconds of blessed silence. This program is FREE.



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Heading Level 3

We must learn to balance the material wonders of technology with the spiritual demands of our human race.  ~John Naisbitt

Heading Level 3

October 2011 - We are now an official Marketcircle Presenter
March 2010 - We are the ONLY Certified Daylite Trainer in the Southeastern US. Call us for any of your Daylite needs.
December 2010 - We are now Marketcircle BillingsPro Certified

Heading Level 3

Microsoft Registered Partner   Microsoft Certified Professional
Daylite Elite Partner   Marketcircle Certified Trainer
BillingsPro Certified   Marketcircle Presenter  
VMWare Professional Partner  
Parallels Professional Partner

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